The Coffee Table

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Today I would like to share some pictures of my favorite piece of furniture in the entire Ha house... my coffee table.  It was handmade by an old friend of ours.

© shoutingforha

One night, after a lovely meal together, I made an off-handed comment about how much I liked the old library table that his family used as a coffee table.  Little did I know that my remark would inspire him to secretly began making me a table of my own.

© shoutingforha

Several months later, our friend showed up at our house with the table and a card.  It read, "It makes me incredibly happy to know you can prop your feet up on a piece of me."  I was completely overwhelmed.  

© shoutingforha

To say that the table is beautiful is an understatement.  The hand-hewn quarter-sawn oak top is absolutely gorgeous.  And the craftsmanship...  I would be hard-pressed to find a higher quality piece no matter how much money I was willing to spend.

© shoutingforha

The hubby and I found the drawers in an old shed behind my dad's house.  They were in disrepair and our friend had taken them under the guise of "fixing them up" for us.  I love how he incorporated them into the table.

© shoutingforha

This coffee table is one of the few pieces of furniture that I would deem irreplaceable.  In fact, I often joke with the hubby that should a disaster strike our home, I would be found desperately trying to throw the thing through one of our large front windows.  How I intend to pick up the behemoth all by myself remains to be seen.

It's your turn, dear readers.  What is your favorite piece of furniture?

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That is beautiful!! What a special gift!!

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