Random Thoughts On A Thursday, vol. 2

1.  There has been some pretty nasty weather here in Middle Tennessee.  It seems like every few days another a line of thunderstorms will make it's way across the region.  One particularly wicked batch came through on Tuesday night bringing with it a spectacular lightening show.

Watching the lightening reminded me of the early days of my marriage.  Whenever a summer storm would blow into the Front Range of Colorado, the hubby and I would drive up to Horsetooth Reservoir and park so we could look out over Ft. Collins and the eastern plain.  From our vantage point, we could watch the lightening flashing as far as the eye could see.  

As we sat, we would talk about life and our future hopes and dreams.  It became the place to go during our first two years of marriage if we needed to talk about something important.  I can still remember sitting there one night and talking about moving to Tennessee.  It's hard to believe that it was sixteen years ago...

2.  I love digging around in Google Analytics to see exactly what you people are looking at and how you managed to arrive at this chunk of internet real estate.  It's quite fascinating.  

I am always amazed by the completely random Google searches that result in a new visitor to my blog.  Some of my favorites from the past few weeks...

i am a 35 old lady i dont have control on pee
konstruski pesawat (What does this mean?)
crazed lunatics my baby cried and the cat attacked me
slimy thing in my fish
dog is dumb as a brick (This one made me chuckle.)
clothes that torture
head found in dragon park

How ever you arrived, I am so glad that you decided to stop by.  

3.  I have big plans for tomorrow.  And I mean BIG ones.  

As soon as the boy is off to school, I'm heading over to my friend's house for a little royal wedding watching party.  I realize that most of America could care less about the nuptials, but how often will I get to watch a 30 million dollar wedding while I enjoy a delightful brunch and sip Mimosas.

I have vivid memories of my eight-year-old self, sitting in my nightgown and watching Charles and Diana say their vows.   This time around, through the magic of technology (I'm talking about you, DVR), I won't have to watch all the festivities through sleep encrusted eyes.  

What about you, dear readers?  Will you be watching?

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Miko's Girl said... Best Blogger Tips

You and your husband were sweet! I'm using the magic of DVR to tape the nuptials and to fast forward through the boring stuff. I'm also hoping to make scones to eat while Lightning, the golden doodle, Booda, the cat, and I watch.

Gretchen said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm warming to the idea of watching. We'll see. If Teddy has me up then anyway, why not turn on the TV?

I love looking at search terms. I especially identify with the dumb as a brick dog. Ours is called Junie. Oof.

Also, your royal wedding guest name made me laugh out loud.

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