One Thousand Gifts (466-481)

© shoutingforha

466.  The reality that I get to wake up every morning and spend my days with the man I adore and our amazing son.  My life is so incredibly blessed.
467.  Blueberry pancakes, hot off the griddle, with warm maple syrup.
468.  A boy who sleeps in until 9:45. 
469.  Our beastly dog Brick.  I can't imagine life without him.
470.  Having the opportunity to help some friends in need.  It didn't seem like much from our perspective, but for them, it was a big deal.  I'm so thankful that we were in a position to lend a hand.
471.  My boy's group of friends.  He is so fortunate to have so many wonderful companions as he journeys through childhood.
472.  A doctor who didn't hesitate to increase my medication to get this poison ivy reaction under control.  I finally feel like I am on the mend.
473.  A long soak in the swimming pool.  It does wonders for itchy, irritated skin.
474.  Spending my 38th birthday with my guys.  I had a truly perfect day.
475.  An ice cold glass of Sangria.
476.  My hubby, for recognizing how tired I was (lack of sleep due to the steroids) and insisting that I take a nap.  He always takes such good care of me.
477.  The sound of kids laughing and being silly while they play The Game of Life
478.  My sweet hubby who fixed me up with a new external hard drive so I can backup my computer.  My old drive was too small to handle the gazillion pictures I have stored in iPhoto.
479.  The Hatch Show Print art my hubby had commissioned back in 2004.  I love looking at the thoughtfully selected words that are now pressed into the paper... words that describe the essence of who we are as a family.  The pieces mean more to me with every passing year.
480.  The stillness of the house in the wee hours of the morning. 
481.  My boy's adorable freckled face, which seems to be getting more freckly by the day.  I often wonder if the spots will become so dense that it will eventually look like a big brown patch on his cheeks.  

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