One Thousand Gifts (497-510)

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"We can only be said to be alive in those moments
when our hearts are conscious of our treasures."
~Thornton Wilder

497. Interesting clouds at sunset.
498. Boys doubled over in a fit of laughter.
499. The deep green of the Tennessee summer landscape.
500. Sitting in the dark with my boy before bed and watching the fish as they dart around in the tank.
501. Wearing flip flops.
502. A slew of travel plans on the horizon.
503. The Weber Fire Pit (a gift for my hubby's 42nd birthday). I am looking forward to countless hours spent enjoying it's warmth on a cool night.
504. Freshly painted patio chairs. Why did I wait so long to give them a face lift?
505. Taking the very last steroid pill. Hooray! I'm so thankful to be finished and am so glad the poison ivy hasn't flared up again.
506. Baby back ribs slow-cooked on the grill.
507. My dear hubby who turned 42 on Thursday. I am so lucky to get to grow old with him.
508. Summer sweet corn.
509. The endless possibilities that the future holds. I can't wait to see what's in store.
510. Watching hours of old family movies. So many wonderful memories... Our life has been incredibly blessed.

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Kristin Bridgman said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm visiting from Ann's place. . .
We also have a firepit out back. I just love sitting in front of it, sometimes cooking hotdogs over it, sometimes cooking a blackberry cobbler in the dutch oven, sometimes cookies smores, and sometimes we're just out there to enjoy the fire for awhile.
May you enjoy many more blessings:)

Josh and Kelly said... Best Blogger Tips

boys' laughter is contagious. I'm always so glad when I overlook their boyness and just laugh along with them!

Clare said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful, and thank you so much for sharing that quotation. Inspiring! God bless you!

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