Of Dog Tags, Scars and Music Camp

Did you have a good Fourth of July, dear readers?  Ours was quite lovely, if I do say so myself.  

Since my posting has been a little spotty at best, I am going to share yet another random list.  Enjoy!

1.  Last week I realized that Brick's dog tag had our home phone number on it.  Yes, the same home phone number that we ditched over two years ago.  I was a little alarmed that if Brick were to escape, there would literally be no way for anyone to figure out where he belonged.

Clearly it was time to get the beast a new tag.

After doing a little searching online, I settled on an Adjustable Collar Tag from Boomerang Tags.  The top quality tag arrived in the mail just three days later.  The stainless steel tag is securely attached to the collar itself and contains all of our family's important information.  It is, without a doubt, the best dog tag I have ever owned. ***

2.  My latest bout of poison ivy seems to be nearing the end.  After 16 days of steroids and more cortisone cream than I fathom, the vast majority of the rash is finally gone.  I am left with a delightful assortment of new scars, a few spots that are slowly trying to finish healing, and a face that looks just like a moon pie.  It's every girls dream.

I must admit that I am a little bummed out by the additional scars that spot my pale skin.  When added to the others that formed as a result of nasty bike wrecks, dog bites, tumbles as a toddler, pregnancy and previous bouts of poison ivy, I am a complete wreck.  I think it is safe to say that, with skin like this, I will never be asked to do any lotion or body wash commercials.  

If scars really do add character, then I have more character than ten men.

3.  The fellows and I had the joy of loading the boy's drum kit into his rehearsal room at The JAM on Saturday.  I must admit that I was impressed by how quickly we are able to break it down, load it into the truck and set it up in a new location.  We are machines.  

The only drag was the fact that the a/c had yet to be turned on at the camp.  I am not exaggerating when I say that due to the high humidity, the temperature inside the building was a suffocating 120+ degrees.  In the thirty minutes that it took us to load in and set up all of his gear, we were all dripping with sweat.  And I'm not talking about a few beads of perspiration.  Sweat was pouring off of every inch of our bodies.  

The hubby had the honor of dropped off the boy bright and early this morning.  The redhead was a little nervous but incredibly excited to see what two bands he had been assigned to, who his instructors were going to be and to get started making music.  

Over the next two weeks, the boy will be performing four separate times.  Just like last year, I plan to fulfill my duties as an obnoxiously proud mom and post video of each concert.  Check back later in the week to hear all of the musical goodness. 


*** Boomerang Tags has no clue that I exist.  I just happened to stumble upon their website and purchase one of their amazing tags. 

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Your son is truly talented! I hope he's having a great week at camp.

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