One Thousand Gifts (612-623)

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612.  Putting together a baby gift.  I love assembling presents for expectant parents. 
613.  My 50 mm camera lens.  It's, hands down, my favorite lens.
614.  My hubby who works so tirelessly to provide for our family.
615.  Tucking notes inside my boy's lunchbox or binder for him to find during the day. 
616.  Having built in playmates for my boy right next door.  During the hectic schedule of the school year, it's nice to know that he has friends to play with at the drop of a hat.
617.  Project Runway.  I hardly ever watch TV, but I can't stop myself from checking out what the designers create from week to week.
618.  The return of cooler temperatures in the evening.  I see some nights at the fire pit in my future.
619.  My Tuesday morning moms group.  I've missed them over the summer.
620.  Hummus. 
621.  Tylenol Sinus.  It's the only thing that clears my allergy ravaged sinuses.
622.  A great first week of school.  I'm so happy that my boy likes his teacher, has good friends in his class and is actually enjoying school.
623.  An impromptu movie night with a good friend.

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Meredith said... Best Blogger Tips

So great that your son is doing well this year. :) Still in awe over the classroom change that occurred. :)

Life is beautiful.

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