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Today is my nineteenth anniversary.  As of today, I have spent half of my life married to the wonderful Mr. Ha.  For those of your lacking in the math skills department, that's fifty percent.  

To commemorate this momentous event, I considered posting one of our wedding pictures.  After examining said pictures, I decided against it for two reasons.  First and foremost, my hubby is opposed to me posting face shots on this here piece of internet real estate. 

Second, it was 1992.  Despite the fact that the year was indeed located in the decade known as the 90's, the fashion world was still clinging desperately to the 80's.  Big hair, big dresses and colors like "hunter green" were still all the rage.  

I have often joked with my twin sister, who got married a decade after me, that I was going to steal their wedding pictures and Photoshop our September 1992 heads onto their January 2003 bodies.  I'm sure that no one would know the difference... other than the dated hairstyles and my 80's inspired veil.  Classy.

The hubby and I have grown and changed immensely over the past nineteen years.  I have more hair, he has less...  All joking aside, we are not the same twenty-three and nineteen-year-old kids that walked the aisle. 

This life of ours has been a wild ride, something akin to a roller coaster, with many ups, downs, loops and sharp turns.  Disney World can't possibly top all the thrills that we've experienced over the years.  I'm not going to pretend that things have always been easy, in fact, sometimes it's been downright hard.  But one thing is certain, life has never been dull.  

As I think about the future, it makes me excited.  Who knows what might be lurking around the next bend in the track.  If the all rumors that marriage gets better with age our true, our best years are still to come.  

So, here's to nineteen years, Mr. Ha!  I am so blessed to get to walk life's journey with you.

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gretchen from lifenut said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! September is a lovely month for a wedding.

I'm picturing what your photos look like. We got married in September '96 and it was slightly better, but our photos are starting to show their age, too.

kathleen said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy Anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. Ha. May the next 50 be as blessed as the first 19.

helen said... Best Blogger Tips

seems like yesterday...so many memories.
19 years and still going strong...what a wonderful life/family you two have created...
truly 'twas a marriage made in heaven...
sending Happy Anniversary wishes to my Ha family.
Love you, miss you and wish you many more wonderful years together.

Michelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy Anniversary! We got married the same year...so yes, looking back on the wedding pictures is quite humorous! :) Here is too many more great years!!!

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