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The boy managed to crack his box spring a few weeks ago after pretending his bed was our backyard trampoline.  The hubby and I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to get the boy the new bed we've been talking about for ages.  In the meantime, I wedged a board under his mattress as a temporary fix. 

Our goal was to find a bed with some sort-of storage underneath.  We looked at several platform and loft beds but couldn't seem to find anything that we liked.  We even talked about building something ourselves.  

Then, by some miracle, my hubby stumbled across an ad for a loft bed on Craigslist.  The bed had been purchased by a Belle Meade family for their twelve-year-old boy.  According to his father, the boy decided that he hated the bed after a mere three nights.  Can you imagine?

We bought the full size loft bed and the new Sealy mattress for $100.  The hubby picked up a cool desk chair (which isn't pictured) to make the set-up complete.  

I will admit that I was initially a little nervous about our purchase.  Would the bed be too big for the space?  Would it's modern style look out of place with the boy's other furniture?  I am happy to report that all of my concerns vanished once the bed was assembled.  It couldn't be more perfect.

The boy loves his new bed so much that he couldn't wait for school to end yesterday so he could come home and just hang out in his room.  Needless to say, the hubby and I are equally as thrilled.  It may be the best $100 we've ever spent. 

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Michelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Love it!! That is really cool! :)

kathleen said... Best Blogger Tips

It looks really fabulous! What a great deal!

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