One Thousand Gifts (653-662)

© shoutingforha

653.  Listening to my boy play drums.  He just keeps getting better and better. 
654.  Reds, yellows and oranges starting to appear on the edges of leaves.  Sure signs that fall is just around the corner.
655.  A rosy-cheeked boy sitting at the breakfast table.
656.  A spontaneous serenade from my favorite grocery store checkers.  It made my day.
657.  An afternoon rain shower. 
658.  My truck filled with 250 pumpkins for a fall festival.
659.  Getting soaked to the skin while washing those pumpkins with the assistance of five four-year-olds. 
660.  Cool days and even cooler nights.
661.  Lunch with a new friend. 
662.  Taking a much needed Sunday afternoon nap.

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