One Thousand Gifts (692-705)

© shoutingforha

692.  The way my boy races out the door after church to swing.  He hated swinging when he was little so I love the fact that he enjoys it so much now.
693.  The sound of voices raised in song after communion.  There's something about those old hymns that gets me every time...
694.  A leaf-free yard, thanks to three days of hard work.  I am delighted that there are no more leaves being tracked into the house by boys and the dog.
695.  Rainy days to water the grass seed I sprinkled after our big yard fencing project.
696.  Babysitting our friend's little boy.  What could be better than a few hours spent with an adorable little guy?
697.  The way the morning sun makes the frost covered ground sparkle.
698.  Sweater weather.
699.  Gingerbread with lemon glaze.  Yum.
700.  A hubby who works tirelessly to provide for our family.
701.  Reading with the boy before bed.  We've been so engrossed in this story that we can't wait to get started each night.  
702.  My boy looking cute in his new prescription sunglasses.  Thank you, vision insurance.  
703.  Boys collapsing on the ground in laughter.
704.  My guys having an entire week off for Thanksgiving.
705.  Watching my guys together.  It is so obvious how much they love one another.

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