This Morning

I awake to the sound of rain pounding on the windows.  The house is dark and I am disoriented from sleep, struggling to figure out what time it is.  I look at the clock. 9:15.  I am instantly amazed that I am the first one up at this late hour.

I get out of bed and make my way to the den.  Our beastly dog is curled up in a tight ball on the sofa.  I open the curtains to let in the dim light of this overcast day.  I pour myself a cup of coffee, grab my computer and sit down to write.  Instead I sit and listen to the silence that fills my house.

I hear footsteps.  My son appears in the doorway, his hair a wild mess of red curls.  As he approaches, I am struck once again by his long legs, giant feet and lanky frame.  He reminds me of a puppy and I instantly wonder how big he will be once he is fully grown.  Giant, I decide. His ten-year-old body is already starting to dwarf my own.

He sits down beside me and rests his head on my shoulder.  I turn, kiss his forehead and take in the sweet smell of his skin.  I wonder how many more years this will last... his longing to sit close.  I decide not to think about it and just enjoy the moment.

We sit in silence and watch the rain fall through the windows.  All too soon, his stomach begins to growl and gurgle. I reluctantly rise and head to the kitchen to make breakfast.


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Mrs. F said... Best Blogger Tips

I just felt like I was beginning a novel!!! You write so vividly, I felt as if I were there!!!

Just Beautiful!

Thank you for sharing :)

helen said... Best Blogger Tips

wish i could have been there to see boy ha snuggling with his mom...what a wonderful heart picture.

gretchen from lifenut said... Best Blogger Tips

Very nice picture of a sweet, fleeting moment.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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