One Thousand Gifts (785-796)

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785.  Pictures of insane snowfall (4+feet) at my sister's house.  Oh, how I miss Colorado winters.
786.  New sunglasses.  Driving is so much more enjoyable when the sun isn't blinding my eyes.
787.  My boy's love of '80's music. 
788.  Calls from my boy while he is at school reminding me about Spanish Club, looking for his recorder for music class or inviting me to lunch.  I love seeing the school's number on my phone in the middle of the day.  
789.  Italian Wedding Soup and Focaccia bread.  The perfect lunch on a cool, rainy day.
790.  The boy putting away his laundry without being asked. 
791.  Phone calls from my nieces.  It makes me happy to hear their little girly voices.
792.  An impromptu lunch with a friend I hadn't seen in months.
793.  Date night with my hubby.  I love spending time together.
794.  Dinner at Marché.  The atmosphere is perfect and the food is always delicious.
795.  The way my hubby misses our boy when he spends the night with a friend.  He is always chomping at the bit to go pick him up in the morning.
796.  Super Bowl commercials.  They are my favorite part of the game unless, of course, my beloved Broncos are playing.

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helen said... Best Blogger Tips

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!
Colorado misses you and the HA family as much.

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