Stair Steps

As I was standing during church on Sunday, I couldn't help but notice that my family resembled a flight of stairs.  One, two, three.  Short, medium, tall.

I was wearing a pair of ballet flats and so I wasn't getting the usual boost from a taller pair of shoes.  These days, even a small sole helps.  

My boy has been growing at an alarming rate... three to four inches per year.  It wasn't until he started closing in on my height and then the eventual eclipse that I really began to notice.  Sunday was the first day that I felt, well, short.

We were standing in a row.  Me, my boy, my hubby.  5' 1", 5' something (my boy's exact height is yet to be determined), 5' 11".  First step, second step, third step.

Only time will tell if our steps will need to be reordered.  If I had to make a guess, by the time he's finished growing, my boy will claim his place on the top step.  Then my hubby and I will have something in common... We will both feel short.


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