On How I Discovered My Dog Hates Zombies

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Have you ever watched Top Shot?  The History Channel show features eighteen of the nation's best marksmen as they compete in a variety of sharpshooting challenges.  The winner gets $100,000 and earns the title of Top Shot.  

My boy is obsessed.

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The other day, the boy decided to set up his own "Top Shot" challenge in the back yard.  It consisted of a large zombie target tacked to the fence and an assortment of old wine bottles lined up on the ground.

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That's when Brick decided to venture out into the back yard.

After one look at the zombie on the back fence, Brick when crazy.  All the hair on his back stood up on end and a low, ominous growl escaped from his mouth.  

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Then Brick started barking.  It wasn't the typical "come play with me" bark or his "can't you see that I'm hungry" bark.  This was the "you better get off my property or I'm going to gnaw off your limbs" bark.

After our initial surprise wore off, the boy and I burst into laughter.

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Brick circled and paced in front of the zombie, all the while barking and snarling, for about fifteen minutes.  Then he went and took a nap underneath the giant maple tree. 

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, feel free to come on by the house.  I feel certain that we will be safe as long as the beast is on guard.

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Awesome to know you're safe :)

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