One Thousand Gifts (830-842)

© shoutingforha
830.  The warmth of the fire pit on a cool spring evening.
831.  A husband who constantly reminds me how much he loves me and that he thinks I'm beautiful.  What more could a girl want?
832.  My son's joy when he realized that he was practically towering over me despite my high heels.  From hence forth, the child shall be called Gigantor. 
833.  Freshly mowed grass. 
834.  Longer days providing hours of outdoor playtime after school. 
835.  Buds popping up on all of the trees.  Spring is in full swing here in Tennessee.
836.  Baby birds hopping around the yard.
837.  A dog who fearlessly defends the yard against all types of danger... including Zombies.  (Stop back Wednesday to hear all about it.)
838.  The crusty, buttery edge on homemade pancakes.  Delicious.
839.  The smell of shoe polish.  It reminds me of my childhood... My dad sitting in the den, shoes lined up on the coffee table while he polishes them for work.
840.  Refried black beans.  Have you tried them?  They are superior to traditional refried beans in every way.
841.  The sound of my hubby sleeping soundly beside me at night.  It is so comforting knowing he is there.
842.  A breeze blowing through the open windows.  It's one of my favorite things about Spring.

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anky said... Best Blogger Tips

Your ideas for gifting is awesome and as we all know gifts are precious for everyone and specially for babies.So selecting gifts for them is very difficult task and by using your ideas its a bit easy to select them.
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helen said... Best Blogger Tips

It's the small things in life that mean sooo much.
If only more people realized this...

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