One Thousand Gifts (856-868)

© shoutingforha
856.  The tenacity of the robins who once again have built their nest on top of my back porch light.  I took their nest down at least a dozen times, but it couldn't stop their desire to lay their eggs by my back door.
857.  Standing at my kitchen window and seeing the Yoshino Cherry Tree covered in blooms.  I adore Spring.
858.  The smell of food cooking on the grill. 
859.  Being the only girl in a house full of boys.  Things are never dull.
860.  Avocados.  I love them.
861.  Watching blossoms fall like snowflakes in the spring breeze.  Gorgeous.
862.  The thick new grass that has replaced the dirt patches that once spotted the yard.  I'm happy to see that my winter seeding job did the trick.
863.  Boy's leaping from the tree limbs onto the trampoline.  While it's probably not the safest activity, it sure is fun.
864.  My hubby's egg salad.  I'm not usually a fan, but his is delicious.
865.  Rows of daffodils in my neighbor's yard.  The yellow blooms are so cheerful.
866.  A big glass of unsweetened tea.
867.  Text messages from my hubby.
868.  The laziest Sunday afternoon that I've had in ages.

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