One Thousand Gifts (869-878)

© shoutingforha
869.  This guy, nose in my face, trying to talk to me while I work on the computer.
870.  The smell of lilacs.  I can't remember them ever blooming this early, but I sure am enjoying their scent.
871.  Homemade ice cream.
872.  The deafening sound of kids talking and laughing as they eat lunch in the school cafeteria.  While I may have suffered slight hearing damage, I always enjoy eating with my boy.
873.  Looking through a mountain of school pictures for the 5th grade picnic.  We've had so many great memories at our neighborhood elementary school.  It's going to be hard to leave come May.
874.  New green leaves appearing on every tree, bush and shrub. 
875.  The hubby's gift of cactus from Arizona.  He always brings home interesting things from his business trips.
876.  Bunnies in the front yard.  They used to race all over the back yard before we put up the fence and I was a little worried that we wouldn't see them this spring.
877.  Watching the tree guys take down my neighbor's giant but dead silver maple tree.  It brought back memories from my childhood.
878.  The start of spring break.  I think I love time off from school even more than my boy does.

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