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In my sleepy  haze I scroll through hundreds of pictures from our trip.  Snow-capped mountains and familiar places make such a wonderful backdrop.  But to tell the truth, that's not the reason I decided to look through the photographs once again. 

It's the images of my nephew and three nieces that I want to see.  My heart is happiness and sadness all rolled into one.  I love looking at their beautiful little faces staring back at me.  Dimples, long eyelashes, tiny fingers and heads thrown back in laughter...

© shoutingforha
How I wish I could feel their little arms wrapped around my neck in a tight squeeze or hear their soft whispers in my ears.  The 1200 miles that separate us make that impossible.

But instead of feeling sad, I will look at these pictures.  I will cherish each phone call.  And I will remind myself that every time I answer the phone and hear an excited, "Hi! Aunt Mimi!" it's almost as good as being there...  Almost.


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Kathleen Basi said... Best Blogger Tips

Aunts like you make mommies' hearts happy.

Amber Page Writes said... Best Blogger Tips

Almost...and at least now we have skype? Gorgeous post.

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