One Thousand Gifts (879-890)

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879.  Arriving in Colorado and waking up to six+ inches of snow the first morning.  What a treat!  It almost made up for the complete lack of winter we've had here in Tennessee.
880.  Taking my boy skiing for the first time.  He was a natural.
881.  Watching my boy race around in the snow with my sister's three kiddos.
882.  Meeting my brother-in-laws baby girl for the first time. 
883.  Spending time with Nana, Grandma and the rest of our family.
884.  Arriving at the dog sitter's place and being greeted by a wiggling and wagging Brick.
885.  Knowing there are less than six weeks left in the school year.  I can't wait for summer vacation.
886.  Chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream and Bourbon Butterscotch Sauce.  Yum!
887.  Sleeping in until 10:30 on Saturday morning.  10:30!!!  It felt amazing to finally catch up on some much needed sleep. 
888.  Thinly shaved roast beef.  It makes the most delicious sandwiches. 
889.  A Sunday night out with my girlfriends. 
890.  Early morning rain showers.

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Court said... Best Blogger Tips

Found you on Ann's, what a gorgeous picture, so jealous of that snow! (We live in Texas and snow is a rare treat...)

Amy said... Best Blogger Tips

It is 85 degrees here today so I am amazed at your snow picture. I love #885 and #887. Thanks for sharing.

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