One Thousand Gifts (891-903)

891.  My boy's obnoxiously orange Colorado State University sweatshirt. In addition to the usual green and gold, the university decided to bring back the original school colors of pumpkin and alfalfa.
892.  Chilly mornings followed by warm afternoons.
893.  Listening to my son practice the songs for the 5th grade musical Lewis and Clark.  "It was Lewis and Clark.  Clark and Lewis..."  I can't wait to see the show.
894.  Getting to hang out with one of my book club buddies. 
895.  The deep rhythmic breathing of my boy when he sleeps. 
896.  My freshly paved street.
897.  Getting the stubborn grass stains out of the knees of my boy's pants.  Victory!
898.  Laying on the trampoline with my boy and watching the clouds float by.
899.  The smile on my boy's face when he discovered episodes of Little Bear on Amazon Prime (we ditched cable TV).  It was his favorite show when he was a little guy.  I love how sentimental he is.
900.  Homemade peach ice cream.  It's so good, it could become a fattening habit.
901.  Evenings spent with my hubby. 
902.  Letting our schedule start to revert back to the lazy days of summer, despite the fact that we still have 4 1/2 weeks left of school. 
903.  The weekend.  It's my favorite part of the whole week.

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Donna said... Best Blogger Tips

What a wonderful list...love how you have captured some very sweet memories of your son.


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