The Robin's Nest

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1.  As you long-time readers might recall, we had a mama robin that decided to build her nest on top of our back porch light three years ago.  While we were out of town on spring break, the sneaky little lady set up residence again.  By the time we got home, the eggs had already been laid.  We've been tiptoeing out the back door ever since.

Last time, I had my camera lens jammed into the next every few days in an effort to document the whole process.  This time, I've decided to leave the little birdies alone.  The boy and the beast are constantly going in and out through the back door so giving them a little peace and quiet is the least that I can do.

My son had other ideas.

Once he saw the tiny beaks peaking over the edge of the nest, he couldn't resist taking a peek.  The slightly blurry picture above is one that my boy snapped using his iPod.  As you can see, there are 4 lizard-like adorable little birdies nestled in the nest.

I suppose it won't be too long until these little guys will be making their first flights.  I'm excited that we have a front row view. 

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