Random Thoughts on a Friday, vol. 4

1.  My boy outgrew his shoes yet AGAIN.  How does this keep happening?  It feels like we are buying new shoes every 4-6 months.  Oh, wait.  We are buying new shoes every 4-6 months.

The hubby and I took the boy shopping on Sunday afternoon and I am happy to report that he found his shoes in record time.  In fact, he ended up buying the first pair he tried on.  It was a shopping miracle.  

I was also able to pick up six more pairs of my boy's favorite socks.  By favorite I mean the only kind of socks that my boy will wear without fussing about knots on his toes and fuzzy bits tickling his feet.  He's just that finicky.

In case you were wondering, his new shoes are a men's size 11.5.  And with that, my boy's feet have gone from simply being big for an eleven-year-old to being big in full-grown man terms.

I'm curious to see how old Gigantor will be when his feet finally stop growing.  Thoughts?

2.  Speaking of the boy, he has turned into a bit of a complainer over the past few months.  In addition to griping about his socks, he grumbles about the taste of toothpaste, being too hot/cold/sweaty/tired, how much his backpack weighs, having to clean up after himself and anything else he can think of.  

It's been wearing me out.

I thought long and hard about the best way to remedy this problem.  Since I didn't think that lecturing him or punishing him would do any good, I came up with what I think was a brilliant solution... 

Every time the boy complains, I ask him to immediately tell me three things that he can be thankful for. 

At first, he would respond with things like, "My big toe," or "All the pollen that's floating around and plugging up my nose."  I chose to hold my tongue and ignore his sarcastic remarks.  After a few days, he started digging deeper and offered up things like, "That I've been given one more day on this earth," and "My friend, M., who is like a brother to me."  

He's even started stopping himself mid complaint.  I guess it's hard to grumble when you're focused on all of your blessings.

3.  I've been on a mission to clean out our over-stuffed and unorganized closets.  I was beginning to worry that I would be crushed under an avalanche of junk every time I opened the door.  Something had to be done.  

After unloading everything from inside the closets, I sorted and reorganized all of their contents.  I have set stuff aside to send to my sister, thrown bags and bags of garbage away and lugged more loads of junk to Goodwill than I would care to admit.  But at least my closets are clean.

Although I love to have everything neat and tidy, the best part about a good deep cleaning is all the little treasures I found tucked inside old boxes or hidden in corners.  Some of my favorites were the old VHS tapes from 1992 of my hubby playing in The Battle of The Bands, a Christmas place mat with a hand print wreath from my boy's first year in preschool and an album of pictures (they were awful) we took on our honeymoon. 

All that's left to clean now is the attic... 

4.  Every now and then I like to poke around my Google Analytics account to check out the stats on this piece of the old internet.  I am always amused by the random searches that result in a new visitor stopping by.  Some observations:

The two most popular posts on my blog (by a landslide) are The Quiet Book and How To Make a Paper Ninja Throwing Star.  You readers must be super crafty or worried about how to defend yourself against throngs of ninjas. 

I have a strong following among cat haters.  Apparently that one post I wrote about being  traumatized by my family pet as a child rings true with people.   

An alarming number of people are using the internet to try and find ways to break their finger.  Some of them even want to break it "fast."  Maybe I should consider letting people rent Brick for a small fee.  He can snap a pinky like nobody's business.

More people than I imagined are plagued by the itch of poison ivy and chiggers.  An even greater number still leave their car sunroofs/windows down during the rain

Other random searches that resulted in a visit to my blog and make my faith in humanity start to falter (and I quote):  scratching her crotch, how to torture boy's feet, sweaty armpits, i am poison, i like to pee in central park...

On that note, I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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kathleen said... Best Blogger Tips

Can't wait to see how tall Gigantor is when he grows into his feet. Could be gianormous!!!

helen said... Best Blogger Tips

oh the joys of being a mom!
just remember, the problems (?) never go away,
they just change and the hand prints get higher
up on the wall/doorjamb. Just laugh, Mrs. Ha,
that's all ya got to survive.

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