Excerpts From the Ha Family Dictionary, No. 3

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Today I would like to share another excerpt from the Ha Family Dictionary.  This one is courtesy of my boy.  Enjoy!




to behave in a rowdy manner while
simultaneously consuming a beverage, 
alcoholic or otherwise

a frequent cause of mental lapses, 
verbal blunders and unusual 
or unexplained behavior

"Mom, you just put the milk
in the pantry and the cereal in
the refrigerator.  You must be drump."

The boy coined this term one night when a group of the hubby's friends had come over to hang out.  The fellows were telling stories, laughing and creating quite a ruckus.  They were so noisy that the boy was having trouble falling asleep. 

the boy:  "Do you hear how loud they are?!  They must be drump."
me:  "Drump?  What exactly is drump?"
the boy:  "Dad and his friends are being really loud.  Since I know they aren't drunk, they must be drump."

Over the next few weeks, the definition of the word morphed to include any goofy behavior by either the hubby or me.  Friends and strangers can also be labeled as drump, however the boy seems to prefer to use the word exclusively at home.  He's nice like that.

I am embarrassed to admit that I am the most frequent recipient of the title drump.  The boy likes to toss it out every time I say something silly or behave in the manner of a space cadet.  Apparently I do this a lot.  

Maybe I should take it as a sign that I need to get more rest and step up my mental calisthenics.  If you excuse me, I'm off to play a few thousand games of Sudoku while I listen to classical music and drink a green smoothy.

Hello.  My name is Mrs. Ha and I am drump.

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