Kids Lids Letcher

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When I was tucking the boy into bed the other night, he was in the mood to reminisce. He's a sentimental fellow and loves to try and remember obscure events from years past.  The more random the better.

As we were talking, the boy started to laugh.  It wasn't just any laugh.  It started low in his throat and then morphed into a full-on belly laugh.  Once he had regained his composure he asked,  "Do you remember the game that the little brown-haired boy and I created in preschool?  Remember we would spit into one another's mouths.  Gosh that was gross!"

How could I forget.  The memory of the day the boy came home and told me about the new game he had invented is burned into my mind.  He was three-years-old and since he had been speaking in full sentences for over a year, he had no trouble describing the game in painful detail.  

I remember feeling both nauseous and slightly amused.  I mean who thinks up this stuff?  My kid, that's who.

The most ridiculous part of his storywas the name...  Kids Lids Letcher.  I think Kids Lids Wretcher is more like it.  As the boy recalls, they would gleefully shout the name before the spitting part began. 

The boy and I had a good laugh as we talked about his silly toddler antics.  He was quite a character when he was younger.  He still is.  

As I sat next to him on the bed, I was filled with such joy.  It makes my heart happy to know that my boy looks back on his eleven years with such fondness.  What more could a mother want?  

The hubby and I certainly aren't perfect, but it was a gentle reminder that we are doing some things right.  And for me, that's enough.

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