As Heard From Colorado, vol. 1

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I am fortunate to have three adorable nieces and one nephew.  Unfortunately, they all live in a faraway land called Colorado and I don't get to see them as often as I would like.  It's quite sad.  

The two oldest girls are big enough to talk on the phone, but for the most part, we are dependent on our extended family to keep us updated on all of the milestones and happenings.  It's never the same as actually being there, but it helps make the miles feel shorter. 

My sister's second daughter is a feisty little four-year-old.  If I had to wager a guess, I would say that God cut her from some of the cloth that was leftover after he made my own son.  They are so very alike.  

This sweet little girl has a mischievous sparkle in her eyes, crater-like dimples in her cheeks and has a passionate love of scissors.  She is able to retrieve them from the most difficult hiding spot and has used them to cut her hair on four separate occasions.  

Below is a conversation between my sister and her daughter as relayed to me.

My niece (sitting on her mommy's lap):  Mommy, do you know how much I love scissors?
My sister:  Yes, sweetie, I do.  
My niece:  Mommy, do you know what I wish more than anything?
My sister:  What do you wish?
My niece:  I wish that I could cut your hair while you are sleeping.

Of all the stories that my sister has shared over the years, this one is my favorite.  I love that my niece wants to cut her mommy's hair, but knowing that she would get in trouble, thinks it would be best to sneak in during the night.  

My sister might want to consider sleeping with one eye open at all times.    

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