Six months ago my hubby was wronged by someone who was supposed to be his friend.  This was not a lets-just-shake-hands-and-make-up kind of event. In fact, we are still dealing with the repercussions of this man's actions to this very day.  It has been a trying season to say the least.

Last week I found out that this man has suffered a great hardship of his own.  Granted, it is one that he brought upon himself by his own actions, but it will no doubt be a source of great stress and suffering for his family. 

If you would have asked me back in August how I felt about this man, I would have had some incredibly nasty things to say.  Things that would now make me ashamed that my heart could have been so angry and black.  In truth, I probably would have wished this very sort of calamity to befall him.  The offense was fresh and new and it had a way of overshadowing every aspect of my life.

Now, after the passage of time, my anger has subsided.  I am not sure if I can say that I have wholly forgiven this man in my heart, but I am getting there day by day.  What I can say is that the news of his suffering brought me no joy.  There was no urge to celebrate because he was finally getting what he deserved.  

Instead, I was filled with pity and compassion.  My thoughts drifted to his family and I found myself offering up silent prayers for their well-being.  A long road filled with many obstacles and pitfalls now stretches out before them.  It is something that I would not wish upon anyone, even someone that I once considered my enemy. 

Hardships, whether my own or those of others, remind me of how very difficult life can be and that even the darkest souls among us deserve mercy.  Mercy despite hardship.  Mercy even when it isn't deserved.  Mercy because I, myself, have been granted mercy.


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Kim Jorgensen Gane said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, can I appreciate this exact sentiment...perhaps you'll enjoy my post about it. It's up on my *new* blog, but I never publicized it among my longtime Facebook friends, though they could still happen upon it, as could the subject. In the event it is, I hope it will be understood in the spirit in which it was written, but one can never be sure.

gretchen from lifenut said... Best Blogger Tips

Fantastic reminders here and beautifully written.

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