Bedtime Talks

My boy is a chatty fellow and, in truth, he always has been. There has never been a shortage of words flying around at our house. Of all our conversations, the ones that happen just before my boy falls asleep are some of my favorites.

We have a ritual. After getting rid of all his wiggles with a little wrestling and silliness with the hubby, the boy climbs into bed. I sit or lay down next to him and we talk. Well, he talks and I mostly just listen.

He talks about his day. "Did you know that Mrs. L. (his science teacher) makes us hot chocolate almost every morning?"

I hear crazy tales from the sixth grade band. "I think the horns were giving Mrs. D. a headache today. She was kind-of grumpy and wasn't impressed when I twirled my sticks while I was playing the snare drum. "

He shares all of the random thoughts that pop into his head. "Do you know what's weird? I can't stop jamming my tongue into the spot where my molar fell out."

I get to hear what he thinks about growing up and all of the changes that are happening to his body. "I thought I had finally grown an armpit hair but it ended up being one of Brick's hairs. I have no idea how it got there."

Most of his banter is about silly things. But then, when I least expect it, his big guy demeanor falls away and I get a glimpse into his tender heart. Those are the moments that are my favorite.

He talks freely about his greatest worries and fears. He laughs as he chatters about the things that truly bring him joy. He ponders what marvelous and mysterious things his future may hold. He tells me about the ways he tries so hard to be a good friend and his desire to be loved well in return.

Every once in a while our discussion turns to my shortcomings and failings as a parent. I am thankful that my boy feels safe and confident enough to tell me when I've been unfair or unkind. It gives me an opportunity to acknowledge my mistakes and ask for his forgiveness.

We always end the night with a quick prayer. Before I leave his room, I lean in to kiss my boy's sweet face, make sure his covers are pulled up under his chin and whisper, "I love you."

I know that realistically our nightly ritual won't continue forever. As my boy grows, he will start to share more deeply with friends and, eventually, his wife. I am okay with that. But for now, I will treasure these moments and tuck them away in my heart for safe keeping.


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he's a hoot. love him to pieces.

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