I had intended to post something different this morning... a light-hearted story about our dead water heater. Given the historic election that took place yesterday, I decided to change direction.

I have never, nor do ever I plan to share my political opinions on this blog. I believe that information is personal... and quite honestly, none of your business.

That said, as I was listening to Obama's acceptance speech last night, I was struck by what a momentous event this truly is. I am fortunate to have an African American pastor and many friends that are African American. I have had the opportunity to dialogue with them about the issue of race in our culture. My friends have taught me much.

Whether you cast your ballot for Obama or McCain yesterday is not the point. We are all part of something bigger. Something that has nothing to do with politics, religion, war or the economy.
We are a part of something that, not so long ago, was unimaginable.

Our country has elected the first African American President in our nation's history. A man who's ancestors were once oppressed has been asked to lead. Another piece of Martin Luther King's dream has been realized.

I, for one, am proud to see it happen in my lifetime.

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Chelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Andy and I were discussing that very topic last night.

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