Ice Water

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Our hot water heater died sometime Monday night. The hubby discovered this sad truth when he climbed into an icy shower Tuesday morning. Lucky guy. You should have heard him scream.

I made a call to my favorite plumber first thing, but he was unable to stop by. Apparently he had better things to do... like go vote. Thankfully, he was at my house by 10:15 yesterday.

After a few hours, and many hundreds of dollars, the hot water was restored. And just in time. We were starting to look and smell a little scary.
When the boy woke up yesterday morning, his hair looked like orange matted dog fur. I had to boil some water and wash his hair in the sink. My hair, on the other hand, was beginning to look stringy and greasy. We were quite an attractive pair.

The hubby was the only one who looked normal, but I think that is due to his complete lack of hair. Oh, for a buzzed head.

While having to replace the hot water heater wasn't a big deal, it did get me thinking. As I was telling my sister, it is easy to take for granted all the luxuries that we enjoy here in our country. Luxuries like a hot shower, central heating and air, and three square meals a day.

We are truly fortunate.

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