The Great Biking Adventure

The boy has been begging to go on a "super-long bike ride." To be honest, I have been putting it off because it has been so darn hot.

With the temperatures here in Tennessee hovering in the mid to upper 90's, it is like living at the threshold of hell. Except that hell probably doesn't have this much humidity... or as many creepy bugs.

Today it became apparent that I could no longer ignore the boy's pleas. With approximately 400 gallons of water packed on my back, the boy and I set out on the 4.5 mile ride (each way) from our house to Downtown Franklin.

Our route wound along a few shady paths that followed the course of the Harpeth River. It was perfect for keeping us off the main roads and away from the sun's relentless rays. The boy and I stopped periodically along the way to rehydrate and rest our legs.

The boy was a real trooper. I could tell that he was completely exhausted as we climbed up the final half-mile long hill headed towards our house. I am fairly certain that had the hubby been home, he would have begged me to send out and S.O.S. Instead of quitting or complaining, my boy pedaled on.

When we finally returned home, we were both hot, tired and incredibly sweaty. Ring your clothes out kind-of sweaty. The boy and I were both in desperate need of a cool shower and change of clothing.

Now that I no longer feel like I am going to burst into flames, I only have one regret. My hiney is a little on the sore side, and I desperately wish that I had worn my spandex bike shorts. Better yet, I may just go buy one of these, since painted-on clothing really isn't my thing.

The boy is currently plopped on the sofa watching a little TV. His eyes have taken on a slightly glazed-over look. My guess is that he will be in bed by 7:30.

I have a feeling that I won't last much longer. My old bones are tired.

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Chelle said... Best Blogger Tips

How fun! Can't wait until my girl is old enough for bike rides!

That seat made me giggle, it looks like a hiney.

mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey, you'll have to tell me the exact route you went! I know that my kids would LOVE to do a bike ride...they've been missing Hilton Head and the bike rides there...so that sounds like ton of fun!

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