Trimming the Tree

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So, how was your Thanksgiving? We spent the day enjoying good friends, good conversation and entirely too much good food. I'm not sure if I have ever been so full.

I spent the majority of Friday decking our halls with four million Christmas
houses and trimming the tree with my boys. I am thrilled that the task is done and I can now enjoy gazing at my handiwork until early 2010.

We here at the Ha house are real tree people... Frasier Fir lovers, to be specific. I will admit that owning a pre-lit, artificial tree would certainly save a tremendous amount of time and energy. I just can't live without that fresh-cut pine tree smell. There is nothing like it.

Every year, we select a new ornament... something that represents a significant event that happened during the year. After seventeen years of marriage, our tree is eclectic, to say the least.

© shoutingforha
The boy got to pick out our ornament for 2009. He thought a yellow taxi would be the perfect way to commemorate our recent trip to New York City.

© shoutingforha
This sailboat is the first ornament that the hubby and I ever purchased. It captures the way we felt as we "set sail" on our life together.

© shoutingforha
We picked up this covered wagon in 1994. That was the year we spontaneously packed up and moved from Colorado to Nashville.

© shoutingforha
I love this life vest that the hubby and I picked up one summer in Bar Harbor, Maine. I think I could be happy living in New England. 
© shoutingforha
This is my all-time favorite ornament. The hubby and I bought the frame on one of our many December trips to Chicago. I was six months pregnant and couldn't wait to meet the little person growing inside me. The picture is a sonogram image of the boy's tiny foot.

© shoutingforha
We also have a large number of ornaments that have been crafted by our boy. The first was this star that he painted shortly before his second Christmas. He was twenty-months-old.

© shoutingforha
I am also partial to this hand-print reindeer that the boy brought home from preschool one year. I am amazed by how tiny his hand was. He is growing up so quickly...

While our tree may not meet the Martha Stewart seal of approval, I think it is just perfect. I could spend hours basking in the glow of the lights, looking at the memories hanging from each limb.

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nana c. said... Best Blogger Tips

Lovely to look at,
delightful to see...
There's no other way,
to decorate a tree.
Enjoy your collection of special
Christmas tree memories.

mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

Your tree sounds fabulous! We seem to have similiar types of ornaments as we do a "theme" for each of us for the year...and as we put them on the tree we talk about those memories! Love it!
And as to the live tree...being from Oregon..that is the ONLY way to go! No fake trees for our household either!!

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