And Still More Randomness...

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Because I like to ignore all of the basic rules of blogging, here is yet another random list. Enjoy!

1. The pool opened on Tuesday. Any guesses where I've been the past two days? That's right... the pool. A certain redhead is crazy about swimming.

Despite his love for the water, the boy has refused to go down one of the four water slides. The same child who easily swims the entire length of the pool, has been convinced that he would drown if his body crossed into the deep end. There was no reasoning with him.

Well, to my surprise, something changed on Tuesday. After giving himself an internal pep talk, and a little encouragement from his mom, the boy took the plunge. I captured the moment with the camera on my phone.

2. The boy and I have been zipping around town on our bikes. Thanks to my wonderful cruiser, my hiney has been riding in total comfort. It's the little things...

The boy's favorite destination is a new frozen yogurt place in Downtown Franklin called Sweet CeCe's. Honestly, after peddling five + miles in the 90+ degree heat, I enjoy the frosty treat just as much as he does.

© shoutingforha

3. My hydrangeas are blooming like crazy. In all the years that I have lived in this house, the flowers have never bloomed before mid July. This year, possibly because we received 25% of our annual rainfall in two days, the plants have gone crazy.

The normally thigh-high bushes are literally towering over my head. Almost every branch is covered in blooms. It is truly beautiful.

4. The Ha family tick count stands as follows:

the hubby: 0
the boy: 2
the mrs. (me): 3

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helen said... Best Blogger Tips

Bike rides, sweet treats, a dip in the pool and purty flowers...what more could Mrs. Ha ask for???

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