One Thousand Gifts (643-652)

A freshly bathed Brick giving me his "creepy smile."

643.  A freshly bathed dog.  Brick hates to be washed, but I love how he smells once he is all clean and dried.
644.  Gorgeous flowers from my hubby for our anniversary.
645.  A clean and organized attic.
646.  Brunch with a friend to celebrate her 40th birthday.
647.  Hot tea on a chilly morning.
648.  Sitting in the boy's room and having him read to me before bed. 
649.  Morning showers that give way to a blue, blue sky.
650.  The sound of my three-year-old niece's voice.  It's so girly and cute.  I love it when she calls to talk on the phone.
651.  The hint of Fall in the air.  It's my favorite time of the year.
652.  Riding bikes on a wooded trail with my boy.  What a great way to spend an afternoon.

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Eva Trillian said... Best Blogger Tips

"Creepy smile" makes me smile :-)

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