One Thousand Gifts (706-718)

© shoutingforha

706.  A boy mesmerized by the Christmas tree.
707.  Bright green blades of baby grass shooting up out of the barren soil.
708.  Brick's freshly trimmed nails.  I love how it makes him virtually silent as he walks across the wood floors.
709.  A lazy week spent at home. 
710.  A Thanksgiving spent with good friends.
711.  Gravy made from pan drippings.  I think I could drink the stuff.
712.  Pumpkin pie.
713.  Finding the perfect Christmas tree.
714.  Unwrapping the box of Christmas ornaments.  I love how each one holds a special significance.
715.  Our house all decked out for the holidays.
716.  Conversations about Santa with my three-year-old niece.
717.  A chance for snow in the five-day weather forecast.  My fingers are crossed!
718.  Staying up late and watching family movies with my hubby.  I'm so glad we have captured so many priceless moments on film.

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Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I love #714 too! Such a fun time of year! Enjoyed visiting today.

helen said... Best Blogger Tips

so many thank-yous...so many life gifts it's hard to know when you're done...imagine you could go way beyond the original goal of 1,000...why not give it a go?

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Love 706. I often get mesmerized by the lights myself. Thanks for sharing.

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