Chaos and Quiet

Mornings are full of "Don't use all the hot water," "Brush your teeth," "Would you pour me a cup of coffee," "Put on your shoes so we can go," "Grab a sweatshirt. It's a little chilly this morning," and "Have you seen my phone?"  

My guys fly out the door like a whirlwind.  They are noise and chaos.  I wave as the car backs down the driveway and then there is nothing but silence.

I walk back inside, take a sip of coffee and drink in the quiet.  I listen to the birds singing their morning melodies.  I hear Brick's steady, rhythmic breathing signaling that he is asleep after the morning rush.

I savor the stillness.

Time passes and I find myself longing for the commotion.  I miss the liveliness and spontaneity that comes from living with my two guys.

I busy myself with my day-to-day tasks.  My eyes watch the clock and count down the hours and minutes until they burst through the door again.


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